What's New
  • 17-Jan-2004: Fixes for Mozilla 1.6, some dump Bugs
  • 4-Oct-2003: Things for Firebird, but not really good :-(
  • 28-Sep-2003: released v0.8.5, modem: and fax:-URI, commandline dialing
  • 11-Sep-2003: released v0.8.3, fixes for Linux
  • 29-Aug-2003: setup dizzy project with v0.8.1

Do you have a HTML/XML-based addressbook? Or something similar accessible from Webbrowser? Isn't it easy just clicking on a email-address and the mailclient opens? But what about the phonenumbers? Ah, no connection to the phone, sure. But you have a Modem or a PBX capable of using Hayes-style atd dialing-commands connected to your computer.

RFC 2806, "URLs for Telephone Calls" is the solution. All you need is a link like

<a href="tel:+49(555)32483-21">Click to dial</a>

and with Dizzy your call is this one click away.

Dizzy handles your tel-URIs, wtai://wp/mc;-URIs (mc, make call) from wap-pages, can dial selected plain-text, and can even dtmf-whistle them through your soundcard (this is pretty useless, I know :-)

The generated number is echoed via commandline to your Modem, Telephone or PBX. So all you need is a virtual (or real) COM-Port or tty for your dialing-device.

modem:- and fax:-URIs are handled from v0.8.5 upwards with separate Programs for each of them. You can click on a modem:-URI and dizzy opens your favorite Terminalprogram with the right paramaters to dial and connet to the selected number. E.g. it works fine on Win32 and OS/2 with ZOC from EmTec (Working commandline parameterstring for ZOC: /CONNECT=COM1:$THENUMBER). Even TAPI-dialing on Windows should be possible with tools like e.g. phone dialer pro (not tested).

New: Work in progress for usage with Firebird and Thunderbird.
You can give any number or URI on commandline after the option -dizzy.

If you have working dialcommands for not supported Operating Systems, send me a mail, I will add them in, including a OS-specific setup-button in the cmd-prefs panel.

Last, have a look at the phonebook-example based on three xml- xsl- and css files. To view the xml-source use "view page source" option from the context menu.

The dizzy project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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